The Kissing Booth

Oh my god I want to kill myself.


The movie made me say that, and actually I said it more than once. Sean thought it was a sufficient review.

Is it though?

I’ll give you just a touch more:

A girl and a guy, both virgins and best friends, have a couple of strict rules to their friendship, the most important one being don’t fall in love with each other’s siblings, so oh my god guys, guess what happens!


She totally falls in love with his hunky older brother, and a lot of the plot revolves around a kissing booth at their high school carnival, but I’m struggling to tell you why this was important.

Anyway, there was some dialogue so bad it still wasn’t good but I did laugh, in a gaggy, kill me now, can we turn this off kind of way. It feels written by someone who never even went to high school, and who doesn’t care if they damage female self-esteem for an entire generation. The stuff that happens is infuriating and improbable and I’d rather pull out my own toenails and eat them than watch this again.

26 thoughts on “The Kissing Booth

  1. Christopher

    It’s difficult to articulate but the idea of kissing booths still being around bothers me. I don’t think they were ever a good idea, and the idea of someone’s first kiss being at a kissing booth is too much like the old (and not very good) joke, “I remember the first time I had sex because I saved the receipt.”


  2. indiefan20

    My fourteen-year-old sister saw this being advertised on Netflix when we were getting ready to watch “Frasier” and she was like “Eww. Barfy teenage movie.” I guess her assessment was pretty much on point! πŸ˜€

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  3. Liz A.

    Oh my, tell us how you really feel πŸ˜‰ I think I saw a preview write up of this, and it didn’t sound like something I wanted to see. I’ll definitely skip it now. Thanks. (As long as I remember. If only I had remembered the warnings against Jupiter Ascending.)


  4. Brittani

    I saw a trailer for this and felt like I could predict the entire thing. Girl falls for her friend’s brother, they fight, but then make up at the end. fin.

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    1. Jay Post author

      I know, I can’t imagine what they were thinking. I cringed so hard. Showering isn’t enough – you need to watch some great classic film to really be cleansed.

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  6. Jerik

    These comments are ridiculous! For sure your life is stiff and lame. This movie is great! Seriously im really not into chick flicks movie but this movie somehow made me miss my high school life 2 decades ago when american pie was our this kinda movie.

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