Solo: A Star Wars Story

SoloThey pulled it off! Despite the director change and the “creative differences” and the reshoots, Solo: A Star Wars Story is not only a coherent film, it’s a film that lives up to the legacy of the best Star Wars character, hands down: that loveable scoundrel, Han Solo.

Solo is a prequel done right. We get to see those legendary events referred to in the original trilogy, which is what you’d expect. But what you can’t count on, and what Solo delivers, it that those moments live up to the hype AND  fit into a grand adventure that doesn’t feel like a dull connect-the-dots exercise the same way Episodes 1-3 did. Clearly, Lawrence Kasdan should have been writing all the Star Wars films. The script for Solo is a masterful work by Kasdan and his son Jon. The elder Kasdan has stated this was his last Star Wars script, which makes me sad mainly because that feels like the final nail in Han’s coffin.

At least we will always have Solo. While Alden Ehrenreich doesn’t exactly channel Harrison Ford, his take on Han is a credible version of the charming smuggler we know and love.  Woody Harrelson is solid (as always) as Han’s mentor, and Emilia Clarke adds a lot as Han’s childhood sweetheart, but it’s Donald Glover who steals the show as a note-perfect Lando Calrissian (and kudos to both Glover and the Kasdans for maintaining Lando’s hard-A spin on Han’s name). Here’s hoping that rumoured Lando spinoff gets greenlit soon. Lando’s so much cooler than the bumbling Boba Fett, whose spinoff is already in production!

Don’t been dissuaded by the (relatively) poor box office results. Solo: A Star Wars Story is a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon and a great way to spend an afternoon at the movies, which is, after all, what the original Star Wars aspired to be.


15 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story

  1. Tales from the Neon Beach

    I loved Solo and I really enjoying reading a positive review. I have a feeling that when this is released on DVD people will regret not going to watch it at the cinema. Well they only have another 18 months for episode 9. Sean speaks the truth, go see this movie today.

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  2. J.

    I’ve been a bit reluctant to see this… not just because of all the reported production troubles, but I think I’m suffering from Star Wars burnout. I’m pleased to read a positive review, but I still can’t get excited about seeing it.

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  3. badblokebob

    I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would after reading lots of “it’s so much fun!” comments from the opening weekend crowd, but it’s a lot better than it has any right to be considering the behind-the-scenes woes. Maybe I’ll warm to it more when it comes to Blu-ray.


  4. Christopher

    The New York Times ran a collection of short reviews under the funny headline “They Had Mixed Feelings About This”. What I got from reading those reviews was that the critics who were Star Wars fans either enjoyed it or really enjoyed it and the ones who weren’t didn’t. And that told me what I wanted to know. If fans like it (and we don’t automatically like everything just because it’s “Star Wars”) then it’s worth seeing.


  5. D. Wallace Peach

    Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Our taste in movies seems to be aligned, and I wanted so much to enjoy this film. The previews look great and now I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let my husband know it’s been AWM approved. 🙂


  6. ninvoid99

    I enjoyed the film. Sure, it had a few flaws but I had fun and I liked a lot of the stuff involving Han, Chewie, and Lando. Sucks that it’s not doing well in the box office although I think it could’ve been released on November and December just to give Star Wars fans a break.


  7. Liz A.

    You forget the fans Boba Fett has. They are rabid. (I know these people. They want this Boba Fett movie bad.)


  8. The Inner Circle

    I’m happy you liked it…..but when the cheetah heard “I’m putting together a crew”,he showed me his claws like the lady did her fists to the Axe Gang in Kung Fu Hustle…..that line in any is a death knell to us…..


  9. Divorce With Me

    I liked it. I was reluctant as I too am suffering some Star Wars fatigue… but I took my kids and we really enjoyed it. The cast was really great. Woody Harrelson, Emilia (love her), Glover… they rocked it. 🙂



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