Dirty 30

Kate is reflecting on her life, as one tends to do on or around milestone birthdays. A string of no-good, very bad, choose-celibacy dates has left her a little dismayed.ย  Good thing she’s got two reliable best friends, Evie and Charlie, to walk her back from the ledge – particularly when her high school teacher mails her a letter she once wrote to her future 30 year old self. The letter brims with a conviction that rankles; 15 year old Kate never doubted that she’d have love and babies and professional success. She’s going to need both friends and about a gallon of wine to come back from those bounteous predictions. But it’s a chance encounter with an old high school rival that pushes Kate from sad to mad. And mad can be solved with tequila shots and a blowout party.

The party goes off the rails, as you knew it would. It’s peopled with old flames, new flames, current high school students, current high school teachers, and of course, eventually, the cops. It includes antics such as yoga-enabled keg stands, bubble baths, TPing, unhygienic body shots, dentistry, and juicy secrets. It’s got grossly misspelled tshirts and banners, and a cake that’s about 8 sizes too small. Mostly, though, this is a movie about Kate (Mamrie Hart) and her two besties, Evie (Grace Helbig) and Charlie (Hannah Hart). Their chemistry is good enough to make you miss your own best friends.And while you’ll understandably want to skip the rager, and the white russians (does anyone seriously drink those?), a couple of bottles of wine are always appropriate.

For my 30th, I was in New York City. I saw Wicked on Broadway, drank a couple of bottles of wine at a terrific Italian place, and had a carriage ride around Central Park. What did you do – or can you even remember?



14 thoughts on “Dirty 30

  1. msjadeli

    I’m twice 30 now so it’s a little fuzzy. I do remember it being the most traumatizing birthday thought as I was convinced 30 was the top of the hill and it was downhill from there. What I didn’t realize is that life is more than just one hill ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like a good movie to watch with girlfriends while yes, drinking White Russians! (Actually Tequila Rose on the rocks is my fave, which is in the same “genre” as WR…)

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  2. Liz A.

    I was not happy about turning 30. Other than that, I did nothing special. I had gotten to the point where I was actively trying to not celebrate my birthday. Something I still do (or don’t do).

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  3. selizabryangmailcom

    Jay’s 3oth sounds kinda magical. I don’t remember celebrating any birthdays past 17, except for when I turned 35 and my husband threw me a small surprise party. It was a terrible party with about four people, my ten-year-old stepson, and some Heineken, which tastes like the inside of an old can. The cake was good, though. Even though this whole memory was supposed to be about turning 30, not 35.


  4. Bryan Fagan

    My 30th…..let me think….I was nursing a leg injury. Recovering at my grandmother’s house. Broke but surprisingly in good spirits. You had a much better day than me, my friend.


  5. i must remember to forget

    some people were just born paripatetic. my first psychological death/rebirth having occurred at age 20, 30 was the beginning of my second dying and turning into someone new. this rather traumatic death/rebirth cycle would recur every 11 years or so into the future. 30 was also the beginning of experiencing a “vortex of contraction” that would last 30 years, before reversing itself at age 60 into a “vortex of expansion”. one big continuously evaporating journey whose sole purpose was to learn nothing is at all as important or serious as we make it. whether the tide goes in or out, it’s much easier when we ride the wave in the direction it’s going.



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