All I Wish

Senna is an aspiring fashion designer who struggles professionally and romantically. What better time to drop in on her and assess her life than once a year on her birthday? Birthdays are a time to reflect, to take stock, to celebrate, and to mourn. We meet Senna (Sharon Stone) on her 46th birthday and follow her into her 50s. She doesn’t believe in marriage but wouldn’t mind finding love. She does believe in career, but hers hasn’t found her yet. Don’t worry about judging her too harshly – that’s what mothers (Ellen Burstyn) are for.

MV5BZDhiODdhOGUtMTMyMC00NGI3LThkY2UtNmI0MWUzZDRlZGFmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzQ0MDUyMzg@._V1_SY999_SX1776_AL_On one of these occasions, we (and she) meet Adam (Tony Goldwyn), a straight-laced lawyer with a foot or two in his mouth. They seem like a classic case of opposites attract until one too many birthdays go by without a ring, and Senna’s carefully composed facade cracks, exposing all her inner most birthday wishes – and they aren’t exactly what she’s been espousing this whole time.

Do you make a wish as you blow out your candles? People say that we have to hold our wish dear, keep it secret, or else it won’t come true. Perhaps that’s just a convenient way we have of not exposing ourselves, because, as Senna’s best friend Darla (Liza Lapira) puts it, wishes are an admission that something’s missing, that there’s a hole that needs to be filled.

Senna is a grown-ass white lady with a pretty cushy life, but no, not all of her wishes have come true. If she hasn’t learned that about life by her 46th birthday (*coughSharonStoneis60cough*), then there isn’t much hope for her. Now we’re just going through the motions to see what clever yet subtle way her mother has of lightly insulting her while pretending to lift her up.

Sharon Stone is kind of delightful, in a way that makes you miss her even as you’re watching her in this subpar rom-com, if that’s what this is supposed to be. It would be nice if she was given a vehicle more worthy, but All I Wish (also known as A Little Something For Your Birthday) isn’t it. She does her best to tongue the clunky dialogue and pave over the plot holes with her effervescence, but Sharon Stone alone is not enough frosting to make up for this disappointing piece of cake.



8 thoughts on “All I Wish

  1. Sara Fraser

    I read somewhere else that the screenplay was written with a woman in her mid-twenties in mind for the lead role, and Stone considered for the mother. Stone made the argument that the story would be more interesting with a more mature woman (her) as the lead. I don’t know it it’s more interesting, but that certainly explains why her character is so immature and why she is best friends with a young woman almost half her age, and two times more wisdom. There should have been some extensive re-writing to make this story more believable, and Stone’s character less irritating. Come on girl, surely you know this stuff by now! I was very impressed with the actor who played her love interest – I loved his natural energy and intelligence.



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