Friday Fuckfest: Helen Mirren Edition

There is no denying that Helen Mirren was a very beautiful young woman.

But it is this Helen Mirren, 74 year old Helen Mirren, who inspires the lust that fuels my fantasies:

I will not say anything so foolish as ‘she looks good for her age.’ She looks good, full stop.

Damn good. Know why? Because she owns it. There’s no pretending with Helen Mirren. She owns her age AND her sexiness.

She doesn’t wonder: do I still have it? Can I? Should I? She just seems relaxed in her skin, and confident. Damn it’s sexy.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fuckfest: Helen Mirren Edition

  1. Endless Weekend

    From Red 2:
    Integrator: “They say you’re a legend around here. I’ve…I’ve never heard of you.
    Must have been a bit before my time.”
    Helen Mirren (after escaping from the restraints) “Well, you’ve heard of me now.”

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  2. msjadeli

    She’s a helluva good actor. I don’t think of her as being sexy per se, but your pics are making me think twice now. Just saw her in “Anna” and she did a great job in it.



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