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Friday Fuckfest: The Boys of Star Wars

Alden Ehrenreich
Richard E. Grant
Harrison Ford
Ewan McGregor
Diego Luna
Domhnall Gleeson
Joel Egerton
John Boyega
Woody Harrelson
Hayden Christensen
Donald Glover
Adam Driver
Riz Ahmed
Samuel L. Jackson
Liam Neeson
Mark Hamill
Oscar Isaac

You can only pick one: who’s it gonna be?

p.s. Sean’s Rise of Skywalker review below.

Friday Fuckfest: Keanu Reeves Edition

Keanu Reeves day is officially slated for May 21 2021: the day both Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 will be released. But every day can be Keanu Reeves day, and perhaps every day should. He’s one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors and is almost undoubtedly one of the kindest. He typically shies away from the spotlight, even turning down an enormous paycheque for Speed 2 in favour of touring with his band and doing a small Canadian production of Hamlet, for which his performance was praised.

Dubbed the ‘Internet’s Boyfriend’, and occasionally ‘Sad Keanu,’ the whole world is concerned about his happiness, participating in ‘Cheer-up Keanu Day’ every June 15. Although he’s deeply private, he has publicly admitted to feeling lonely, which, combined with his tragic past (a girlfriend gave birth to their daughter, who was stillborn, and their grief resulted in a breakup, followed by her death in a car accident just months later), makes an irresistible lust bubble. Feast your eyes on:

Friday Fuckfest: Salma Hayek Edition

It’s Sean’s birthday so he got to pick today. Sean and I don’t normally have the same taste in women, but Salma Hayek is a rare but definitive exception. I mean, she’s Salma-Smokin-Hot-Hayek, she transcends type.

She’s an Oscar-nominated actress, a very successful producer, and a passionate humanitarian, but today we solute her for being an exceptionally beautiful woman.

Friday Fuckfest: Helen Mirren Edition

There is no denying that Helen Mirren was a very beautiful young woman.

But it is this Helen Mirren, 74 year old Helen Mirren, who inspires the lust that fuels my fantasies:

I will not say anything so foolish as ‘she looks good for her age.’ She looks good, full stop.

Damn good. Know why? Because she owns it. There’s no pretending with Helen Mirren. She owns her age AND her sexiness.

She doesn’t wonder: do I still have it? Can I? Should I? She just seems relaxed in her skin, and confident. Damn it’s sexy.

Friday Fuckfest: Ryan Gosling Edition

Haha, just kidding. Ryan Gosling is a fine actor but he’s SO not my type. But you know who is? His wifey, Eva Mendes.

Technically I don’t think they’re married but they do share two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada.

She is smart, she is sexy, and she’s shrewd about her sexuality. She has more or less stepped away from acting for the time being but she’s as busy as ever being a mother and businesswoman.