All Dogs Go To Heaven

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6 thoughts on “All Dogs Go To Heaven

  1. desertcurmudgeon

    In a perfect world: Ryan Reynolds reads the Fifty reunion story and tells his agent to track me down with an offer to produce it on his dime. I graciously accept, but with a suggestion that Ryan bankroll a new cable network to ensure complete creative license. He agrees and hands me a contract to sign, but before I do, I write in a non-negotiable rider in very small print: Jay and Sean get their own one hour time slot for Assholes Watching Movies: The TV Show. And that’s how my two favorite non-existent tv shows found their way to the same network.

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  2. Tom

    Very sorry for your loss, Jay. The video had me tearing up. Animals are so sweet and innocent and losing them is just a fucker. We said goodbye to our Rover in 2014, and though he wasn’t exactly the friendliest dog ever, his absence was acutely felt. Gertie’s now romping across an infinitely long and deep backyard with a bunch of furry friends, I’m sure of it.

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