Halloween Contest!

Don’t miss out, we’re running a Nightmare Before Christmas giveaway on Youtube and all you have to do is decide whether you want the Sally prize or the Jack.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Contest!

  1. Robert Horvat

    I discovered Nightmare Before Christmas via Prop Culture on Disney + and was totally smitten by the episode on ‘Nightmare’. I soon after sat through the film. In a few words, I can’t believe I never watched it back in the day. Totally engaging, wonderful and inventive. Time difference here sucks. Seems like I missed the cut off over on You Tube for the contest. Haha, I would have said Jack!

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  2. Invisibly Me

    I know I should prefer Sally, what with being a girl and all, but I still gravitate towards Jack. My ex and I used to have matching Jack & Sally mugs years ago – cheesy, right?



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