The Christmas Cottage

Lacey (Merritt Patterson) doesn’t necessarily believe in the same superstitions that her best friend Ava does, but since Ava’s the bride and Lacey the maid of honour, she’s going to decorate the heck out of the Christmas Cottage for Ava’s wedding night. Ava’s family have believed for generations that any couple who spends the night in the Christmas Cottage together will enjoy love everlasting – and they’ve got the long and happy marriages to prove it!

It’s not a great time to drop everything and devote an entire weekend to a wedding – the design firm Lacey co-owns with boyfriend Roger has a really big client on the hook but their proposal needs some last minute tweaks. Lacey is a workaholic so instead of taking the weekend off, she decides to juggle both, not counting on two very important factors. First, the best man, Ean (Steve Lund), who is both Ava’s brother and Lacey’s ex. And second, the blizzard that snows them in while they’re dutifully decorating the honeymoon suite as ordered. Imagine snow in Oregon at Christmas! It sure takes both Lacey and Ean by surprise, who are then forced to spend the night together in – yes that’s right! – the Christmas Cottage, the very one that forces people to love each other eternally against their will!

There’s no hanky panky in a Hallmark movie, unless you count tenderly draping afghans over each other when one inevitably falls asleep before the other after confessing their true heart’s desire without the benefit of a single drop of alcohol. It’s the magic of Hallmark. Meanwhile, the magic of Christmas may just be working its way into the hearts of Lacey and Ean, despite their rocky past. But aren’t they just too different to work? And doesn’t Lacey still have a boyfriend, not to mention a work thing?

All of these burning issues and more will be resolved before the film’s end, should you care to indulge.

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Cottage

  1. Liz A.

    But you know the boyfriend at the beginning of the movie is dumped before the end, because for some reason he’s totally wrong for the heroine. That’s how the movie always works.

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