Winter’s Dream

Anna (Lizzie Boys) and her dad Ty (Dean Cain, yuck, I know) trek across the country to Bliss Mountain so that Anna can train with former Olympic skier Maddie Lastname. Anna’s eager to learn but isn’t really responding to Maddie’s tough cookie approach, so she seeks out Maddie’s less successful former teammate Kat (Kristy Swanson), who lives in town and teaches on the mountain. Teaches, not coaches, as in bunny hill novice skiers under 10. But although Kat’s still pretty gun-shy after her flameout on the slopes many years ago, she agrees to continue providing pointers and other fun lessons for technique. It makes her and Maddie a little competitive once again, but that’s not what this particular Hallmark movie is about.

First, Bliss Mountain is failing because its flashier counterpart Epic just 20 minutes down the road is drawing away all of its customers. Kat is chairing the Winter Fest committee, hoping to draw fresh blood and new dollars to town, and she’s not above drafting Ty to her committee even though he’s a paying customer. More importantly, of course, is the business of having Kat and Ty fall in love. Ty is a widower who lives on the other coast. Kat isn’t exactly splashing about in the dating pool herself. But honestly: how long can they keep telling us they’re just friends and expect us to believe it? We see the way he hangs banners for her. It’s hung at a pretty flirtatious angle if I do say so myself.

So. Kat will have to overcome her own fear of failure to train Anna. Anna will have to overcome her fear of wiping out to win an exhibition race. Ty will have to figure out how to commute all the way from New York. And Kat’s dad will just stand around wiggling his eyebrows at everyone. Sound good to you? Perfect. Winter’s Dream may be set on a mountain, but it will keep you nice and warm where it counts – right in the feelings.

5 thoughts on “Winter’s Dream

  1. ninvoid99

    Would it be wrong to say that I wish Dean Cain was the one who got paralyzed instead of Christopher Reeve? Honestly, fuck that piece of shit and his Fascist views. Oh and fuck that aging cunt Kristy Swanson too. Both of them can go eat shit as they support terrorism that is happening right now on Capitol Hill.


  2. The Inner Circle

    Thanks for seeing this in the right context,I am not Dean Cain the person fan myself but he did a nice job here and I really enjoyed “Winter’s Dream” as well. It is nice to see actors who show they really are glad to be there doing even a by the numbers Hallmark film and Cain and Swanson have good chemistry..


  3. Liz A.

    Sigh. I used to like Dean Cain before, well, you know. We share a birthday. (Why have all my birthday buddies gone bad? Why? Dean Cain. JK Rowling. Seriously, I might have to like about it soon.)



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