The Christmas Waltz

Avery (Lacey Chabert) took dance lessons as a kid but without any natural talent she eventually gave it up, but she’s always dreamed of gliding across a floor, skirts flowing, safe in the arms of her partner. What better occasion to finally realize her dreams than her upcoming Christmas wedding? Fiancé David (Jeremy Guilbaut) isn’t nearly as enthusiastic, but that’s been his general tone throughout wedding planning. Still, Avery signs up for ballroom lessons and can’t wait to start.

She’s so excited about dancing that even when David announces that he’d rather take a promotion in another city than get married in 2 weeks, Avery still shows up for her lesson. Alone. Newly single. Wearing the wrong shoes.

Dance instructor Roman (Will Kemp, a classically trained dancer known as the James Dean of ballet), is handsome and charming and just the thing a freshly dumped woman needs. Except Avery is also very hard on herself and when she fails to immediately pick up the steps, she storms out, frustrated. Guys, she’s going through something, okay? This is the visual definition of ’emotional wreckage’ and she deserves some compassion.

Thanks to the wholesome magic of Hallmark, Avery returns to the dance studio, and to Roman’s hunky arms. She dances her sadness away, and the two waltz straight into love – at least until disgruntled ex-fiancé David returns and tries to reclaim both his lady and their wedding date.

What do you think?

Will Avery ever make that second left foot right?

Will you be overcome by the sheer cheesiness of seeing Avery and Roman dance down the street à la Singing in the Rain?

Can any script possibly reference Tavern on the Green this many times without getting paid to do so?

Will Roman’s dance partner somehow be prevented from dancing in the Christmas concert, forcing Avery to take her place?

Hallmark is all about the holidays and this year I’m all about embracing any genre of film that allows people some true escapism. Plus, Will Kemp does a mean Chaplin impression that’s impossible not to be charmed by.

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