Miss Christmas

Her name is Holly (Brooke D’Orsay) but call her Miss Christmas – everyone else does! She’s the official tree finder for Chicago’s big tree lighting event. Those trees are enormous of course, but also need to be full, and well-shaped, and have that certain wow factor to distinguish itself among Chicago’s vibrant skyline. But this year there’s been a tree emergency – the perfect tree was damaged, and with the lighting ceremony just 10 days away, there’s a scramble to find a suitable replacement. Holly resorts to a letter written by Joey, a young boy in Wisconsin who claims to have just the ticket.

Of course, you know it’s not going to be nearly that easy: sure the tree is gorgeous, but it’s also not for sale. Little Joey is willing to part with it, but his dad Sam (Marc Blucas) is most definitely not. It’s kind of a touchy subject because the tree is actually a reminder of Sam’s recently deceased mother, and cutting it down would mean parting with that memory. Other members of the family, however, think it would be the ultimate way to honour her memory since she loved Christmas, and the lighting ceremony in particular.

Now, if, say, Holly were to fall in love with Sam, do you think that would increase her odds of landing the tree? Or do you think, at some point, perhaps she might start to identify with the family a bit more, and want to keep the tree in its proper place? And if she fails to bring a tree back to Chicago, can she legally still be called Miss Christmas? Gosh, so many edge-of-your-seat questions, and only one place to find the answers: the Hallmark channel. Merry watching.

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