The Christmas Ring

Kendra Adams (Nazneen Contractor) went to school for journalism but wound up writing listicles and personality quizzes at a Buzzfeed knock-off. She’s pretty good at getting readers wondering what kind of reindeer they are, but she’d like to do a little more so she keeps pitching her boss meatier pieces, which her boss summarily rejects.

One day, while browsing an antique store’s jewelry counter for her own mother’s lost engagement ring, she finds a similar one with a unique inscription, “My Christmas Love 1948.” The romance and mystery intrigue our intrepid reporter Kendra, whose subsequent pitch is again rejected but she decides to pursue the story anyway, on her own time. In New England she’s able to trace the ring back to the owner’s grandson, Michael (David Alpay), who was raised by his grandparents but has no memory of the ring. Together they discover the legacy his grandparents left behind, and the sacrifices they both made for what was most important – love.

Will it lead to a story? Or will it lead to something even more important: Kendra’s own romance? Watch and find out – the answer may surprise you!

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