Christmas Tree Lane

Meg (Alicia Witt) loves giving voice and piano lessons out of the music store her family has run for generations. When she meets Nate (Andrew Walker), who’s just returned to Denver after years away, he’s surprised to learn that their store still exists. It’s one of many locally owned, mom and pop stores still somehow standing on Christmas Tree Lane in the city’s historic downtown. They’ve managed to withstand the pressure from suburbs and malls and online shopping, but the whole block has just received a collective eviction notice; all of these old buildings will be demolished to make room for new office buildings, and these guys have to be out by the end of the year.

Meg, of course, is determined to save Christmas Tree Lane, and organizes a vintage Christmas extravaganza – a tree decorating competition, a Santa photo booth, and of course, considering her proclivities, a Christmas concert to rally the whole community. Nate, who thinks she’s cute, is her new best customer, and now he’s also her best soldier in her little Christmas army. At least until they discover that Nate works for the evil development firm (run by his own father of course) that’s planning on tearing down Christmas Tree Lane. Boo!!

So what do you think? Will Nate develop sugar diabetes from his cocoa habit? Will Meg ever get to wear that slinky vintage dress? Will a concert possibly stop a wrecking ball? You can only find out by watching, so hurry on over to Hallmark.

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