Christmas In Montana

Travis’s ranch, like many others in Montana, has just barely survived the drought, and now he’s looking to refinance to keep it afloat. In order to secure a second loan, Travis (Colin Ferguson) will have to prove that he can pay it back, which typically means either cutting back on expenses or finding other revenue streams. Travis can’t squeeze any more revenue out of the ranch, but he’s not willing to cut any of his employees either. Enter Sara (Kellie Martin), the businesswoman who’s going to make it happen.

She’s not entirely thrilled to be sent to Montana so close to Christmas, and as a widow and single parent, she’ll have to drag her teenage daughter Chloe along with her, who isn’t even sure there’s wifi in Montana. Actually it turns out to be a much more pleasant experience than either mother or daughter anticipated. Chloe looks up from her screen periodically, long enough to notice that this is the nicest Christmas she and her mother have shared since her dad died. She doesn’t really want to go home.

Sara, however, is a little more ambivalent. She’s falling for Travis, but it’s clear that his ranch is really important to him and he could never leave it. But her career, and her ability to support her daughter and their life in L.A., has to come first. As the sole provider, she can’t take risks. Sadly but responsibly, they agree they can’t be together.

Show of hands: who thinks Sara will find a way to save the ranch? Who thinks Chloe’s constant selfies will somehow play a part? Who thinks Kay’s famous eggnog has rum in it? Can a city girl learn to gather eggs from chickens? Does anyone look good in a Christmas tree hat? Do all cowboys wear bolo ties? Hallmark has all the answers your little heart desires – and more besides, I’ll bet. Prepare to be charmed by Cowboy Colin.

5 thoughts on “Christmas In Montana

  1. Rosaliene Bacchus

    Falling for someone who lives in other state can be quite complicated. To make the relationship work, one person always has to make the difficult choice. Hallmark covers this issue in its varied forms in several of its Christmas stories.

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