Christmas On Wheels

Ashley (Tiya Sircar) thought she was fine if her uncle got rid of some of her dead mom’s stuff, but learning that her Mom’s cherry-red vintage convertible, affectionally known as the sleigh, has been sold fills her with unexpected regret. So she does the only thing that makes sense. She enlists the help of her uncle’s attorney/estate appraiser, Duncan (Michael Xavier), to track it down and get it back.

The path toward the car has exactly one twist and one turn, but they’re inspiring enough for Ashley to remember why the car was so special to her and her mother in the first place. As a kid, her mother would fundraise and buy gifts for all the families in need, and make a special delivery on Christmas Eve, the convertible loaded down with cheerfully wrapped presents. Ashley decides to honour her mother’s memory with her own present ride. But with only a few days to raise the money and buy the gifts, how will she make it work? Ashley and Duncan put their heads together not to mention their mutual love of antiques to make this Christmas season one the community won’t soon forget.

Of course there’s never any real danger that the couple won’t fall in love or the kids won’t get their gifts. There is, however, some question as to whether the car is haunted or if it’s just sentient and bossy. It is quite beautiful though. Sircar and Xavier are likeable leads and the film has a nice message about communal giving and caring for others, which is always a bonus at Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Christmas On Wheels

  1. A Classic Car Owner

    Well… not sure what it was I just watched… but I do know a few things… it’s a Cadillac…. never mentioned at all the entire length of it… and I have never ever been able to restart my classic Mustang by replacing the chrome tailpipe extension [its not an entire tailpipe as they make it out to be. The replacement of the headlight also does not require opening the hood – just unscrewing the trim ring on the outside]. I guess now that we have movies being written by kids who have stepped barely 2-3 years into the 1990s… we end up with whatever this was. Oh, and a late model Nissan Rogue wouldn’t overheat unless you drove a spike through its radiator – closed cooling systems don’t do this and haven’t done so since oh I don’t know, 1990? Unmemorable. Except for the car.



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