The Little Things

Deke (Denzel Washington) is in L.A. from up north on some menial task, evidence transport or some such. He used to be on the force here, but no longer; his former colleagues don’t have great things to say about him, and they’re not shy about filling in the new guy, Baxter (Rami Malek) on all the ways Deke was found wanting. Mainly that he worked a case too hard, was so obsessed that he jeopardized his career, failed his marriage, and risked his health. Baxter, however, has some sympathy for Deke. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s a lot like him. He’s about to get a case that will haunt him in a very familiar way, and as Deke says – these are the ones that stay with you.

Deke has the opportunity to say this to Baxter because for some reason Deke sticks around to work the case with him. Totally unsanctioned of course – the dude has to sneakily take vacation from his real job to pursue this one totally against the rules. And Baxter lets him. Together they pursue an elusive serial killer, which leads them straight to Jared Leto. I mean, to Sparma, played by Jared Leto. And Jared Leto’s long greasy hair, distinguished gut, and totally unnecessary hitch in his giddyup – he literally walks around like he just got off an 8 hour horse ride over very rough terrain, only this is L.A. and even creeps like Sparma have a car. Anyway, Deke and Baxter agree that this guy is a Super Creep and that he’s guilty by virtue of just being so obviously a Super Creep. And honestly, Jared Leto so devotedly gives this guy every serial killer accessory he can think of that we openly despise him too, and don’t care much whether or not he’s actually guilty.

Anyway, as Deke likes to say, it’s the little things that add up, which is ironic because director John Lee Hancock, who also wrote those words, can’t even get the big things right. Hancock started writing this movie 30 years ago and it feels like any number of movies that have come out since, many of them much better, and all of them more original by default. But even if it wasn’t overly familiar, it would still lack suspense, or indeed any momentum. It’s a lot of moping around. You’ve perhaps come to see a trio of ostensibly talented Oscar-winning actors doing their thing but what you get is a solid performance by Denzel trapped in a shitty movie that has one of the most disappointing, anticlimactic third acts in cinematic history. The Little Things is available to stream, but why would you? This movie fails to satisfy in any way. You’ve got no places to go, no people to see, but you still have your dignity, and even during lockdown, time is precious.

18 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Willow Croft

    yeah, I was so excited, “Denzel!”, but am wondering whether I can bear watching just to see his performance… (I probably will…but you can tell me “I told you so” later *smiles*)


    1. Jay Post author

      Just do me a favour and wait until it’s not premium anymore. I think if you paid the premium rental you’ll be disappointed and mad, but if you wait until it’s either a regular rental or perhaps free on streaming, you might tolerate it better.

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  2. allthingsthriller

    I was excited about this one because, well, I like thrillers. So to belabor the point I was like, now that’s my kind of movie. Now I’m like, stick a fork in it, it’s done. I’m out.

    Great review Jay.


  3. Arionis

    I actually saw this at a drive in theater. I didn’t know such things still existed. I liked the performances of both Denzel and Rami. I thought this was a slow burn winding up for a big finale and then, meh. Too bad.


  4. Liz A.

    I got HBO Max for Wonder Woman. This was the next major release (I think, I haven’t looked too closely), but I wasn’t even tempted. Maybe next week’s release will grab me. I’ve already read about it, and I think it’ll be more my speed.



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