You know what must suck? Running for your life and not knowing why. Indemnity, a South African action-thriller, is a fine example, and part of this year’s Fantasia Film Festival line-up.

The Premise: Theo is crippled by PTSD, having narrowly survived a fire that killed all of his colleagues. Plagued by guilt and debilitating flashbacks, he is unable to work, and volatile at home. Then he wakes up beside his wife’s dead body and things go from bad to worse. He’s the prime suspect of course, and his broken memory isn’t coming to his rescue any time soon. On the run, he’s pursued not just by the cops, but by an unknown third party, forcing Theo to connect the dots or die, or worse – because someone’s got his son.

The Verdict: While the premise is promising, the execution is a little lackluster, but Indemnity still managed to catch my attention and get me invested in finding out the truth, the ugliness of which is somewhat rooted in its alarming plausibility. Writer-director Travis Taute keeps us hanging on until the very end, and a frantic performance by Jarrid Geduld makes sure we’re glued to our seats.

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