A Christmas Princess

The Christmas Eve Banquet is extremely important to Prince Jack (Travis Burns) and the Kingdom of Edgemont. Celebrity chef Gideon Oliver fails to impress him with a menu including deconstructed caprese (how much less constructed can that salad get??) which is how he somehow stumbles upon Jessica’s failing hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

Jessica (Shein Mompremier) loves infusing childhood comfort foods with a touch of something unexpected. But after failing to gain New York City’s attention for six months in a row, her landlord has given her one final month’s warning and Jessica needs a Christmas miracle. Luckily, Prince Jack is quite taken with the single bite of meatloaf he’s tried, and hires her on the spot to cater his event.

Proving that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, romance inevitably blooms between the prince and the chef. You can tell Prince Jack’s feelings are pure because Jessie teases him about his pretentious menu and he doesn’t threaten to have her beheaded. It’s a romance made in heaven. Cue the food porn.

Except of course every romance needs its obstacles: the paparazzi! the meddling mother! the crazy ex-girlfriend! Can their love possibly survive?


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Princess

  1. R.D Francis

    Yes, Hallmark X-Mas flicks are a guilty pleasure. I binge them every year, especially when they roll out their “Christmas In July” promotion — to catch up. I’ve watched and reviewed this one myself. Hey, it’s a Fred Olen Ray film, so a no brainer for me.

    The best of the bunch: A Very Merry Mix Up from 2013 with the always-enjoyable Alicia Witt. Is it — as are all, well most, of Hallmark (even Lifetime; ION) flicks — a ripoff of a popular theatrical film? Yes, in the case: the Sandra Bullock-fronted While You Were Sleeping (itself a fun, re-watch flick). No matter: this knockoff gets it right. Check it out. It’s a solid date-night-on-the-couch flick if you need one.

    As always, great professional reviews from AWM. I read ’em all the time, just bad at leaving comments to show the love!



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