Dashing Through The Snow

Ashley (Meghan Ory) is on her way home for the holidays when her flight is cancelled and the last rental car is rudely rented right from under her nose by a pushy, entitled nogoodnik named Dash (ugh) (Andrew W. Walker). Still, beggars can’t be choosers and Ashley’s desperate to get home in time for Christmas, so she accepts a ride from her brand new nemesis (stranger danger, Ashley!).

As if their first impression wasn’t bad enough, the two quickly find that they are complete opposites now stuck in a teeny tiny vehicle on a mad two-day dash to get from Sacramento to Seattle. Ashley is sunny and bubbly and despite Dash’s curmudgeonly attempts to rain on her parade, her brightness persists, and persists in annoying the heck out of him (honestly, she would be a lot to take during this type of road trip). Now, the sensible thing to do would be to spell each other in the driver’s seat while the other naps, eats, and plans their route. Are these two sensible? Of course not. But it wouldn’t be a holiday Hallmark movie if they weren’t stopping at diners to help decorate trees, or randomly adopting puppies from bikers, now would it? (Actually….)

And then there’s the tail. Yeah, did I mention the feds are after Ashley? That’s why she couldn’t get on her plane, she’s on the no-fly unbeknownst to her, suspected of being a home grown radicalized terrorist! Which seems like it must be a big mistake with some perfectly logical explanation, except…what’s in that big red box she’s been carrying around, and what is her rush to get to Seattle, exactly? So maybe our girl’s just a teeny bit suspicious. But what Ashley and Dash don’t know can’t hurt them, so they’re just obliviously driving along, snacking on pork rinds or whatever disgusting foods Americans eat in their cars, and falling just a bit in love. Or a lot in love, according to Ashley, who cries it to her mother when she finally gets to see her. In love! After a 36 hour car ride, during most of which at least one of them hated the other. For goodness sake, Ashley, have some self respect!

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