Christmas Survival

This just in: holidays are stressful. Yours are probably easy peasy and filled with nothing but joy and bliss, but some people really struggle because: bills, over-scheduling, in-laws, forced merriment.

In this particular case, two sisters, Miranda (Gemma Whelan) and Lyla (Joely Richardson) and their families are going to try to endure a Christmas at their late parents’ run-down country home. Cars will be towed, pet turkeys named Mr. Gobbles may or may not make the ultimate sacrifice, ovens will not be hooked up in time anyway, arrests will be made, marriages will be in shambles, and at least one guest will have her hair lit on fire.

This year Christmas will be a work in progress, which is a euphemism for a series of unfortunate events. In fact, it’s such an unrelenting series of increasingly farcical events that it feels like an onslaught, and not a very happy or funny one.

Also known as Surviving Christmas With The Relatives, this film is itself to be survived. And seeing how you likely have your own little holiday scenario to survive, maybe this one is best skipped since the real thing is hard to beg out of. But if you think that perhaps you might feel just a teensy bit better knowing that someone (Miranda) has it worse, then Netflix has your back. Punish yourself, and say a little prayer for Mr. Gobbles.

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