Journey Back To Christmas

It’s WW2, and Hanna is “blubbering” on the sidewalk, mourning the loss of her husband overseas. All she ever wanted was to make a happy home for her husband and now that he’s gone, she “has no purpose” even though she’s a nurse who tends to wounded soldiers and orphans and it would seem that that’s usually considered quite a calling. Anyway, one snowy night Hanna (Candace Cameron Bure) gets into a minor car accident and shelters in a shed that…rattles a lot. Gets hit by a storm? Oh, right, a comet. A “Christmas comet.” And she’s knocked unconscious, waking up the next morning…to find herself in the future.

The future (2016) doctors don’t find any evidence of concussion so the future cops consider committing her involuntarily (she knows her name and address, but insists Harry S. Truman is president) but one good-hearted cop, Jake (Oliver Hudson), takes her back to his family farm to recover. They basically adopt her, and more than that, believe her. They start dressing old-timey like her, and adopting the town’s old(e) Christmas traditions. But one man in particular, Mr. Cook (Tom Skerritt) seems to hold the key – to understanding her story, and possibly to returning her to her timeline. Although the town busybody isn’t making it easy. Shes practically trying to raise a mob.

Let’s remember that this is a Hallmark Christmas movie, not a sci-fi film. It’s very light on the science. In fact, it refers to the science as “miracles” which is a convenient way of explaining away the things we don’t understanding without cracking open a book, so kudos to Maria Nation, a writer discovering new heights (lows?) of laziness for humankind.

If your holiday movie watching preferences err on the side of sentimentality, Journey Back To Christmas isn’t a horrible bet. It’s not going to knock anyone’s socks off but I’ve heard from semi-reliable strangers that if you’re prone to romance, you might find this one induces the warm and fuzzies while never raising the heat above an “Oh darn!” (fun fact: although Hallmark movies usually allow for one PG kiss, Bure herself refuses to kiss anyone but her husband, so even though her husband who was supposed to be dead returns to surprise her, the only passion she indulges is to fondly embrace his face).

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