The Christmas Ornament

Kathy (Kellie Martin) is newly widowed and trying really hard not to hate Christmas this year, but it’s a whole onslaught of memories that she just isn’t really able to cope with yet. But she’s got a really good friend in Jenna (Jewel Staite, god I love her) who is determined to see her friend through her hard time. And, you know, maybe push her a little toward happiness and moving on. Do we want to call that meddling or simply best-friending?

Anyway, Kathy is still trying to run her dead husband’s dream of a bicycle shop which makes no money. I’m pretty sure in his dreams it did make money, at least a little. And he probably never intended to have it send her to the poor house, but it’s hard to let go. Almost as hard as it is to put up a Christmas tree full of “memories on branches,” or ornaments as we call them. But pushy bestie Jenna insists, conveniently, since that’s where we meet love interest Tim (Cameron Mathison).

Love interest! But isn’t that too soon?!?! Maybe. But the heart wants what it wants, baby.

I just wrote a review almost bursting at the seams with Christmas-themed masturbation references to celebrate Hallmark’s esteemed legacy of plugging its own products within its movies. That movie focused on their greeting card line. This movie reminds you: we sell ornaments too! Say what you will about the themes and quality of their holiday movies, Hallmark knows what it’s doing; these schmaltz-fests move merchandise and make housewives swoon as men are pictured courting ladies with patience and real romance, never asking for more than a chaste kiss.

1 thought on “The Christmas Ornament

  1. The Inner Circle

    I fucking HATE movies like this….and I wouldn’t call what her “bestie” is doing meddling,I call it offensive and betond rude.
    Whoever wrote this pile of poo should have to spend 10 minutes alone in a room with the cheetah and myself… “discuss” this movie.

    PS- We love Jewel too!!! She is our favorite “Firefly” crew member.



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