Miss Me This Christmas

Regina (Erica Ash) and Franklin (Redaric Williams) were married on Christmas at the beautiful Chesteron Hotel. But that was 6 years ago. When Regina realizes she doesn’t trust Franklin, this Christmas the two are set to divorce. But they will not go gently into that silent night. Regina is whisked to a penthouse suite at the hotel by her best friend Trish (Eva Marcille) for some cheering up and drinking down but she keeps bumping into Franklin and the two are fighting an escalating war of making each other jealous.

Then Regina bumps into Ulysses (Allen Maldonado), a nerdy and somewhat eccentric millionaire who happens to live in the hotel. Things between them heat up very quickly, and when he proposes, Regina has to decide if this is just another stunt to make her ex jealous, or if she’s actually ready to move on.

Sean is at his work holiday party tonight. The roads are paved with black ice and breath comes out in clouds. I stayed home to watch Christmas movies and wrap gifts (the two go hand in hand) beneath the comfort of my faux-fur throw.

Miss Me This Christmas is nobody’s new favourite classic. The plot is predictable and clunky, the dialogue is as natural as Santa’s polyester beard. But the cast is doing its best to look good and entertain, and if you like your Christmas cheer with a side of syrupy romance, then you can do worse than this one. I have and I will again. But when you’re wrapping presents, you don’t want anything heavy while navigating your tape and scissors. I lose my scissors at least every third minute, so anything “good” would just be a hazard. Ya know? But on the off chance that you want to keep the party going (or you’ve got as many presents as I do), it has a sister movie, You Can’t Fight Christmas, part of the same cinematic universe, because apparently that’s a thing now, with holiday flicks.

3 thoughts on “Miss Me This Christmas

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  2. selizabryangmailcom

    It is nice to find a mind candy X-mas flick to have on in the background for gift wrapping, tree trimming or other holiday endeavors. Last time I did that, I was watching Mouse Hunt, which I found hilarious. Christopher Walken used to rock so hard! I can keep this one in mind, though, now, too.



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