Angel of Christmas

Susan is writing an article about her family’s Christmas angel. Her great-grandfather carved it himself , and gave it the lavender eyes of a Broadway actress he was in love with. Her family has put it on their outdoor Christmas tree every year since, and Susan’s mother attributes magical properties to it. As the article will say, it brought her and her husband together, as well as her grandparents. Will it do the same for Susan? And can she dig up the name of the mysterious actress who stole great-grandpa’s heart?

The angel does in fact dig up two possible suitors: a straight-laced, uptight businessman, and a free-spirited artist. Who will she choose? Or will she in fact realize that neither one is all that impressive, and being single is preferable to being tethered to a boring dude, whether he’s got paint smudged on his cheek, or a coffee stain on his $100 Hugo Boss tie.

As she gets to know one of the suitors, they discover a lot of commonalities that had Sean and I wondering if they’d turn out to be kissing cousins. It started to sound like great-grandpa might have stashed a side piece in a cabin in the woods. I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending for you (as if there can be any doubt when it comes to a Hallmark movie), but yeah, there’s cheese and unlikely romance, a touch of christianity, and there’s even a cameo of my work (courtesy of snowy Ottawa stock footage).

Angel of Christmas is not a good movie or even an entertainingly bad one. It’s not entertaining at all. It’s a movie that exists and I suggest you do not watch.

5 thoughts on “Angel of Christmas

  1. orcaflotta

    Oh Jay, didn’t you hear me when I insisted that you stop this xmas movies attack on your poor readers? It doesn’t need an expert opinion to keep me away from those shitshows.
    Jus’ sayin’ =^.^=


  2. Cynthia Cooke

    Thank you for a lovely gentle movie The photography
    Was super even tho I was watching the movie on very cold winters day here in the Peg. I thought the actors were very believable in their roles Even the ending was perfect to fit the story. Thanks again for an enjoyable hour plus. Hard to find such a movie these days without major sex scenes and violence



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