Fading Gigolo

John Turturro writes and directs this movie, and stars in it alongside Woody Allen doing a terrific Woody Allen impression.

Both men are past their prime and underemployed, so when Woody’s doctor mentions that she and her girlfriend are thinking about having a “menage” (a trois!) he volunteers his good pal Johnny Turturo, who’s “good with the ladies” and “sexy” and “looks good naked.”

All of these things are new and surprising and difficult to comprehend for an audience more used to thinking of John Turturro as he actually is. Good thing for director’s conceit.

It was hard to digest this movie for many reasons, but above all: why on earth would a hot lesbian couple made up of Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara need to pay for sex? And if they were so inclined to do so, why are they paying for John Turturro and not Channing Tatum? The only way John Turturro starts to seem like a good option is when you stand him next to say…Woody Allen. Oh. I see what happened here. Suddenly the casting all makes sense. Johnny looks good in a comparative\relative way, and he gets to make out with a lingerie-clad wet dream and call it a living. The only thing more mystifying than this dynamic is the one between Turturro and a Jewish widow who is so orthodox that she cannot shake his hand and yet somehow has sought out the services of a neurotic gigolo and his spastic ho.

I see now that it was a morbid curiosity that made me watch this movie and I tell you with confidence that the world could have done without it. This gigolo didn’t fade fast enough.

2 thoughts on “Fading Gigolo

  1. J.R. LeMar

    “-and stars in it alongside Woody Allen doing a terrific Woody Allen impression.”

    Love that line. 🙂

    That being said, I actually enjoyed this film. I mean, I can’t refute any of your complaints about the logic of the plot, you are correct. But, I dunno, I just found it kinda charming for some reason.

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    1. assholemovies Post author

      You know, I kind of did too. I mean, the dialogue felt VERY Woody Allen to me, and I always like snappy dialogue. I also liked that he brought her flowers. I’m guessing most prostitutes don’t bring flowers.

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