Eight Crazy Nights

Confession: I am an Adam Sandler fan. Or maybe he’s become more of a guilty pleasure over the years, emphasis on the guilty. I grew up watching him on SNL, fell a little in love with him watching Billy Madison, and have been the only grown woman in a long line of 12-year-old boys to many of his movies. And no matter how many Jack & Jills he throws at me, I keep coming back. eight_crazy_nights

Eight Crazy Nights is not your standard holiday fare. Two and a half minutes in and this movie has already distinguished itself from other holiday movies: it’s lewd, it’s rude, and grandma’s not going to like it. I’m not even sure that I do, half the time. Potty humour’s not my thing. Like really not my thing.

This movie, when you can look beyond the crudeness, is actually kind of touching. It has messages of gratitude and appreciation, and an interfaith holiday celebration that’s more inclusive than any other holiday film on our list. But Adam Sandler is an eternal pre-pubescent boy. He is so squeamish about real emotion that any time he attempts it in his movies, he just as quickly negates it with bodily functions or silly voices. His discomfort is sadly obvious to the grown-up viewer, and yet, this movie doesn’t exactly seem directed at or appropriate for children. It is however, juvenile humour all the way. This movie can only appeal to pre-existing fans with a high tolerance for toilet jokes. It’s not charming or clever but it does have some guffaws, and even a song (“Technical Foul”) that you may find yourself singing around the house. Fans of Saturday Night Live will recognize voices from Sandler’s usual repertoire: Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider, and Jon Lovitz.

This movie doesn’t belong on any list of the “Classics” and I’m the last person to suggest that it be included, but I do find myself watching it every year around the holidays. I guess I’m a sucker for the Hanukkah Song.


Jay’s favourite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story

Matt’s favourite Christmas movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

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2 thoughts on “Eight Crazy Nights

  1. Valentina

    It says a lot about this blog that I will continue to read it despite the combo of Adam Sandler, whom i despise as I feel you know you should too and the mention of Hanukkah which drives me mad every Christmas because I can never get what it is that is actually being celebrated: the wikipedia page about it is daunting and I just gave up. I tried other sources today: “In Hebrew, the word “hanukkah” means “dedication.” The name reminds us that this holiday commemorates the re-dedication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem following the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C.E.” from judaism.about.com/od/holidays/a/hanukkah.htm but I still don’t get it. It sounds like one of many minor important events, not one big party like christmas or midwinter. So yeah, double irritation there, but I do like your writing style 🙂


  2. Jay Post author

    Hanukkah is a lovely celebration, relatively minor I suppose, in the Jewish tradition. It celebrates 2 things:
    1. “the miracle of the oil” – in a temple, they would have an eternal flame that represented god’s constant presence. they had only enough oil for one day, but lit the flame anyway and went for more. during the 8 days it took to fetch more oil, the flame somehow stayed lit, hence, the “festival of lights”.
    2. a military victory – a group called the maccabees stood up against the oppression of the jewish people. they were not allowed to honour their god or eat their foods or circumcize their children. they were able to regain control of their temple and rededicate it, which is what hanukkah means, “redidication.”



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