Into The Storm

This no-star cast makes a movie with a recycled script and boring, unformed characters, but if you’re in it for the storm porn, there’s plenty of that.storm

Sean and I saw this at the drive-in this summer and even on a peeling outdoor screen that’s older than my grandfather, the visual effects were dazzling. Back before it was forgettably titled Into the Storm, it was known as the “found-footage” tornado movie, and yes, the tornado scenes really are that seemless. When you are taken alllllll the way the funnel of one these suckers, and then come crashing down, you’ll feel like you’re on a roller coaster.

But only a movie this dumb can actually drum up romance between intense bouts of almost-dying. Twice. When the film pits twister vs people, you sometimes wonder if you shouldn’t just root for the damn tornado, especially when two doofuses looking for Youtube fame continually pop up in what I can only assume is a bid for comic relief, just minus the comedy, and the relief. The plot basically consists of “Oh no, here comes another one!” and the second the wind dies down, the film just flops around like a fish out of water.

2 thoughts on “Into The Storm

  1. Jay Post author

    We are huge drive in nerds. From May-September, we’re there every 2nd weekend (which is as often as they show something new). We’ve seen a lot of stinkers there, THIS ONE IS NOT THE WORST, but it’s the spirit of the thing we enjoy. Luckily, ours has converted to broadcasting sound via radio, so we haven’t been responsible for much vandalism. 🙂



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