Unlikely Angel

Ruby is a country western singer who vows never to play such a dive again after breaking up with a scumbag bartender. And she’s right. She never does. Because Ruby (Dolly Parton) dies on the way home from the gig.

Up in heaven, though, Ruby finds that Saint Peter is not about to allow her entrance. She hasn’t exactly been virtuous. Her life has been pretty selfish, but Peter’s giving her one more chance. She gets send down to Earth to manage workaholic widower Ben (Brian Kerwin) and bring him and his kids Sarah (Allison Mack) and Matthew (Eli Marienthal) back together in time for Christmas.

Dolly Parton isn’t exactly a great actress (it’s a lot of blinking) but she’s charming as heckMV5BZmQzMTM3YTctNDg4ZS00NWM1LTkyOTctOGYzZGJjMmU1MzY5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTEwODg2MDY@._V1_ and super entertaining in those moments when she’s relaxed and just herself – her big, bubbly self. Do they find time for her to sing once or twice? Yes, of course, and maybe more. Do they find excuses to squeeze her into cleavage-bearing dresses despite the fact that she’s the nanny of young children? Yes, of course, once or twice, or maybe more. I mean, you don’t hire Dolly Parton if anyone other than Dolly Parton will do.

Our little blonde bombshell has big work to do in order to earn her wings, and even then, she’s probably too top-heavy to ever fly. Perhaps the halo will be a better fit? I’m pretty sure the angels want her in their choir, even if she does insist on bedazzling their robes. So I’m pretty sure Dolly’s going to pull of an upset. She’s going to learn to care about others, and they’re going to learn to grieve together. And the Christmas season is going to be supremely embraced. It’s not exactly a classic, but Unlikely Angel is an okay addition to your Christmas movie lineup.


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