My Incomplete Golden Globes Coverage- Pt 1

Why are the Globes so early? I hit the Bytowne, Elgin Video, Redbox, and Google Play pretty hard over the last few weeks but still haven’t been able to see all the nominated films, with some still impossible to see in Ottawa without resorting to piracy. But here’s the best that I could do.

Best Animated Feature Film

I revisited a lot of what I’ve already said on this category in my reviews for the individual movies but we lost power in the office and I lost everything. So I’ll just say that I thought The Book of Life was loud, tedious, and had an amateurish sense of comic timing. And I still haven’t seen the Boxtrolls which, for all I know, could be the best of the bunch. But the other three nominees (How to Train Your Dragon 2, Big Hero 6, The Lego Movie) are all worthy. The Lego Movie is a clear stand-out though as one of the most inventive and funniest movies of 2014. The Assholes are pretty unanimous on this and I think the Hollywood Foreign Press- not to mention Oscar- will agree.

Best Foreign Language Film

These are always the hardest to track down. I sheepishly have very little to contribute here except that I loved Force Majeure. I relished debating and discussing it and couldn’t help but try to imagine myself in each of the character’s shoes. So far, it’s my favourite movie of 2014 and, although I hear great things about Leviathan and Ida in particular, I can’t help but hope Force Majeure wins.

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