22 Jump Street

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are just so fun together.22_Jump_Street_3

There’s nothing ground-breaking going on here but the good news is, here’s a sequel that won’t make you hate the original. It brings back almost exactly what you loved about the first movie, capitalizing on the bromantic chemistry between the two leads, and not confusing the audience with fresh writing,¬†original scenarios, or new jokes.

Tatum has a big, innocent smile that make stupid look good. Hill milks the socially awkward thing for all it’s worth, usually taking it a step beyond what most people would find reasonable or comfortable and pulling it off because no one flounders quite as endearingly as he does. These two are making interesting career choices but they know what’s bankable and this franchise certainly is.

Just as self-referential as the first was (the directors risk nothing, replicate everything), you still can’t help but fall for it all, needless as it may be. It’s zany and implausible but if you’re not laughing, something’s wrong with you.

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