Oscars 2015: Best Costumes, Makeup, and Hairstyling

Costume Design 

The Grand Budapest HotelMR TURNER

Inherent Vice

Into the Woods


Mr Turner

Most people would rather talk about what Angelina Jolie wears to the ceremony than what she wore in the almost irredeemable Maleficent and I can’t say I really blame them. This is one of the more popular leave the room to make more popcorn moments of the ceremony. We might be joining you in the kitchen too since the Oscar for Best Costume Design won’t even affect our pool. All lour of us have agrend on Grand Budapest.

The only real competition I can see is Mr Turner, a film that deserves as much honourable mention for its costumes as it does for Production Design. Its painstakingly researched attention to detail is one of the movie’s key strengths. Who knows? The Academy went through the trouble of nominating the movie four times so they obviously appreciated it. Maybe they’ll throw poor Mr Turner a bone.

But I wouldn’t bet on it. Having taken home the BAFTA in the Costume Design category last week, Grand Budapest is a safe bet. Besides, let’s face it- it’s much more fun to look at.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Makeup and Hairstyling 


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Guardians of the Galaxy

This is never the easiest race to call. I never thought they would have given 2010’s The Wolfman an Oscar for anytGuardians makeuphing but they did in 2011. All bets are off in this category.

I split from the other Asshoes on this one. Jay, Sean, and Luc have all predicted yet another win for Grand Budapest but my gut has me taking a chance on last summer’s crowdpleaser Guardians of the Galaxy. Why not? All four of us have predicted several wins for Budapest. The makeup artists and special effects teams had a hard job to do in making these characters believable.

So that’s my vote.

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