Hello Ladies

When Stuart’s ex-girlfriend comes for a visit, he plans to impress her with a fake but dazzling L.A. lifestyle and an even faker supermodel girlfriend. No room for comedy there!

I hope by now we’re all familiar with Stephen Merchant, once known more as a Ricky Gervais’s helloladiesbig, goofy side kick and collaborator but actually a brilliant writer, comedian, and performer in his own right. Hello Ladies is actually a feature-length follow-up to his successful (but sorrowfully cancelled) HBO series that he writes, directs, and stars in himself. Even if you haven’t seen the series, the movie works as a stand-alone little piece of funnery and is accessible to anyone. It’s based on his stand-up which is always stellar. If you’ve failed to appreciate Merchant in The Office (BBC) or Extras, then feel free to start with Hello Ladies and work your way backward. There’s no bad starting point.

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