Frozen Fever

Attending a screening of Disney’s new live-action Cinderella, there was a hum of anticipation, and it wasn’t for the movie.

Preceding the movie is a 7-minute short starring everyone’s favourite princesses, Elsa and Anna. Because Frozen just won’t die. And Disney, profit machine that it is, has no interest in letting it die, or even slightly abate. So they’re feeding the frenzy with this short, and I have to admit, they’ve spared no expense. Though only 7 minutes, it feels like a complete experience, and the quality is not what we’ve come to expect from straight-to-video sequels. Disney’s not messing around this time. All the favourite characters are back, voiced by the original talent, and treated to a new story line. It’s Anna’s birthday, and Elsa is determined to give her one perfect day, to make up for all the ones she’s missed.

There was a two-year old girl sitting beside me, obviously a fan. One of the first things Elsa does frozen-short2upon waking the birthday girl is present her with a new birthday outfit. Even Elsa changes out of her famous blue dress and into a fabulous green, spring-like creation, with all the glam of the last one and very little convenience. No matter. She’s a princess and must dress the part. “Look at the dresses!” screams the little girl beside me, in rapt approval.  Elsa’s train seems like a hazard when pedalling a bike built for two, but she’s game, and all catastrophes are cute.

To have her perfect day, Anna gets to follow a red string around her castle and around the town,frozen-fever-04 from one gift to another. The only problem is that Elsa’s now feeling well. She has a cold (a cold never bothered me anyway, she insists). Anna wants to put festivities on hold, but Elsa pushes on, sneezing out tiny little snowmen along the way (note to Disney: this was a big hit with the kids, great device, but I knew that no matter how cute they are, they’re snot. I knew, Disney. I knew.)

The song is catchy and fun. The sisters spend quality time together. Olaf gets plenty of screen time. Disney did a great job, and your kid’s gonna love it. But it’s still snot.

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