Is Paddington the cutest little movie I’ve seen in a long, long time? Why, I do believe it is.

I was charmed by the bear the moment I met him. He’s cuddly and fluffy and of course you’d take him in! But he’s not a one-note character. We know this because the books have been paddington-bear-mo_3058736karound for decades, children love the mischievous adventures, his irreproachable manners, and his sweet nature. It’s always nerve-wracking to watch somebody make a go of your fondest childhood memories, but this is one (exceptional) case where you won’t be let down. Paddington’s essence travels with him from Peru to London, where he’s adopted by a family of humans, the Browns, who need rescuing from him just as much as needs to be rescued by them.

5 thoughts on “Paddington

    1. Jay Post author

      You can’t go wrong. Probably a great rainy day movie. Not one you NEED to see in theatres. It’s the movie version of comfort food I suppose, something warm and good like your grandmother’s mac and cheese.

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  1. Christopher

    Because I read all the Paddington books and saw at least one stage play at the local children’s theater and watched the 1975 animated TV adaptation of course I had to see this movie…three years after its release.
    And, yeah, I got a kick out of it. Sure, it’s sweet as marmalade and you can see the plot turns as clearly as if you were driving across Iowa, but I thought it had a brilliant cast and nicely updated Paddington while keeping the original’s charm.
    The one downside–and it’s an odd one for a kids’ movie–is too much plot crammed into too little space. I wish this had been a miniseries instead of a single film.



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