TIFF by the numbers

1: serving of vegetables eaten by Assholes during TIFF (and it was a McFudge salad at McDonald’s – desperate times, people!)

2: number of meals skipped from being too tired

3: number of meals skipped from being too busy

5: number of times Jay and Sean got swag and Matt did not

7: out of eleven days of TIFF attended

9: movies that made Jay cry (longest run: 3 in a row – rough day)

12: number of times we saw something directed by a woman!

15: actual, alarming amount of burgers consumed by Assholes during TIFF

15.5: kilometers covered on foot, just walking back and forth between theatres

16ΒΌ : approximate hours spent by Sean, waiting in line

17: actual number of blisters incurred by Jay

24: times in 7 days I saw that stupid L’Oreal commercial

34: total number of films seen by one Asshole or another (movies with happy endings: 2?)

34: also the Β number of times Jay agonized about whether to pee before or after the movie (accidents: 0 – happily reported)

35: hours Jay spent watching movies

39: number of pages of notes taken by Jay (legible ones: maybe half, if I’m lucky; theatres be dark!)

40: years of TIFF

50: times we had our tickets torn

197: dollars spent on parking

346: days until we get to do it again

17 thoughts on “TIFF by the numbers

    1. Jay Post author

      Well, I guess it depends how you define happy ending.
      Like, is it happy if the person dies but the cause gets a boost?
      Or, if the person dies but her friend soldiers on?
      Or, if the person dies, but got what was coming to them?

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      1. DotedOn

        Hahahahaha, if the good person dies in not so happy the ending πŸ™‚
        I’m not sure you ever read that I was only dating Adam Sandler until the sucker made me weep πŸ™‚ (And almost puked on Big Daddy… And after like 5 days I saw it, you wrote about the scene and I had to gag again!!) πŸ˜€

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  1. ruth

    This is very cool! #1 cracks me up, I think #15 is implied based on that, ahah. #12 made me happy, of course we need more but hey it’s a start! Great job everyone, hopefully I can join you one day at TIFF πŸ˜€


  2. peakperspective

    100: times I screamed, “YOU LUCKY DOGS!” whilst reading this post.
    I so envy you. I’d give my left lung to attend. But I’m happy for you all. Really.
    10,000: times I may have to silently repeat that until it becomes true.

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  3. Courtney Small

    It is funny, I originally told myself I would be eating healthy at TIFF this year and that went out of the window by Day 2. Like you guys, burgers became the unofficial food of choice for the festival this year.


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