Love, Rosie

Hell’s bells this movie is obnoxious. It’s the worst kind of “chick flick” that makes my womb want to shrivel up and die of embarrassment. It’s an unforgivable piece of romantic trash that simply worships the boy meets girl, boy and girl fail to see they’re perfect for each other, boy and girl keep missing each other, but inevitably finally do get together and live happily ever after trope. Haven’t we done this one to death?

Screenshot-44-132The boy (Sam Claflin) and the girl (Lily Collins) are best friends, so of course they can’t bone, they just don’t think of each other that way. Until they do. But only one at a time. Inconvenient! (To true love. Very convenient as a lazy plot device.)

The verdict: not a movie for anyone who wants to wake up with self-respect in the morning. However, if you’re single again and it’s still a little raw, and you find yourself buying oversized bottles of wine, and you’re in your jammies by 7pm – the kind where you’ve got your pants tucked into your sweat socks, and even your cat thinks you’re lousy company, and all date night means to you these days is a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a certain genre of movie you refer to as “the weepies”, then what have you got to lose?

26 thoughts on “Love, Rosie

    1. Jay Post author

      Oh thanks. I’m desperate for a good one though! It’s been a while. Don’t you hate slumps? Glad I’m at least still entertaining – I’ve felt like such a grump!

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  1. Divorce With Me

    Lmfao!! Jay.


    You have me dying of laughter!!!

    This sounds horrific. And your verdict is so on point, it’s crazy! Not that I’ve watched this movie but I get it. Lmao! In real life, I swear I’d have you watch or read crappy stuff just so you could give me your smart ass reviews on things. I’d take you to the damn dollar store and have a ball with you!
    #PleaseBeMyFriend #IHeartJay #JayForPresident #girlcrush


  2. John Charet

    Great post 🙂 This is the type of film that would work as a Hallmark film production (not meant as an insult), but as a commercial or independent comedy, it looks like the type that would just totally falter. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂


  3. Lara/Trace

    Someone paid money, big money to make it. Should we not have some kind of team who reviews them BEFOre they are released? I know, I’m crazy to think it could ever happen – dah.


  4. Joe

    Well, I’m glad I saw the movie before I read this review, because movie was great! Might not have seen it otherwise. Sorry that you don’t like this type of movie & can’t review it neutrally or professionally.



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