When Marnie Was There

I haven’t a single bad thing to say about this movie, except it just didn’t speak to me. I’m supposed to like it; it’s Oscar-nominated from the Studio of Ghibli, which are all the credentials it needs. But it’s slow. Painfully slow at times.

Anna-and-Marnie-boatI feel guilty for not liking this, for failing to appreciate the beauty of a more hand-drawn aesthetic. The truth is, I’m just not comfortable with someone that looks too much like Sailor Moon.

And the plot, based on an English book (which I suppose explains the awkward tripping over of the name ‘Marnie’ with a Japanese accent), relies too heavily on a 12 year old’s sensibilities. I couldn’t relate. And I didn’t care to. There were definitely some visuals with a watercolour beauty to them, but the whole thing didn’t add up to the usual magic I’m used to from Studio Ghibli, and by the middle of the movie I was so bored by the thing I just wanted it to wrap up already. Does this make me a terrible person? Probably. Everyone else loves this movie. It’s just really not for me.

5 thoughts on “When Marnie Was There

  1. renxkyoko

    I don’t like really slow -paced movies , and in this case , anime. There’s one anime that I really like , have watched it maybe 5 times or more, it’s on Netflix… the title is Moribito… I hope you get to watch it. Cheers !


  2. Liz A.

    That sounds like a 3 star review to me. Nothing wrong with it per se (1 and 2 stars go to things that have something wrong with them), but it wasn’t for you. A big, fat meh.



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