Ghost Team

A man obsessed with the paranormal (Napolean Dynamite himself, Jon Heder) decides to put together a “crack” team, including Justin Long, Amy Sedaris, and David Krumholtz, to do a little ghost-hunting himself.

27-ghost-team_w1200_h630The team are meant to be losers and comically so, but that doesn’t explain away the incredibly bad acting, particularly by Justin Long who was never great to begin with but now has fallen down into the boggy ditch-water of has-been celebrities.

You may remember Justin Long’s brief time in the sun: 2006-2009. He’s Just Not That Into You was probably the pinnacle of, and the virtual end of, his career. The world just wasn’t that into him anymore. He’s continued to work, sporadically, nearly invisibly, in pity projects that his old friends throw him, like scraps to a dog. And god knows he does have those puppy dog eyes. But even among the B-listers in this movie, he’s a stand-out bathed in a spotlight of inferiority.

Anyway, the one interesting thing about this movie is that it fails on so many levels: it fails to be a juicy ghost story, it fails to be a decent horror, and it definitely fails to be remotely funny. It’s ostensibly trying to make fun of those paranormal “reality” shows but doesn’t have a goddamn thing to say about it, really. The jokes are paper thin. There’s a third act twist that’s almost good fun but they misuse it by throwing it in beyond the point of our caring. Most people will have turned Ghost Team off well before they ever see it. And truly, it’s not worth hanging in for. Nothing is. This straight-to-video waste of time is better left unwatched.

9 thoughts on “Ghost Team

  1. Christopher

    This is incredibly disappointing but also not surprising. Those “paranormal reality” shows seem like a prime target for satire.

    The problem is the whole idea of “paranormal reality” satirizes itself so there’s nowhere left for the joke to go.


  2. J.

    Yikes. Justin Long. I actually forgot about him until fairly recently when I saw Tusk. Prior to that I hadn’t seen him in anything since his star turn in the fourth Die Hard flick! Reckon I’ll avoid this one!


  3. Colane Conundrum

    Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll definitely plan on missing this one.

    For a movie that makes fun of paranormal reality shows — yet is pretty scary itself — is “Grave Encounters.” It’s an obvious satire of the TV show “Ghost Adventures,” yet it also serves as a pretty decent horror movie.

    It sounds like what this film was trying to be.



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