Independence Day: Resurgence

Will Smith was right to avoid this one.  Honestly, he must be embarrassed for his likeness to have made a brief appearance in this debacle.  Jeff Goldblum should feel even worse for having taken the money to appear in this thing.  Independence Day: Resurgence is every bit as terrible as you’ve heard.  Now that it’s on Netflix, I felt I had to check it out to be sure.  I am writing this solely to ensure you don’t make the same mistake.

Independence Day: Resurgid4ence starts out terribly and does not improve one bit.  If anything it gets dumber as it goes, by taking us to a moonbase, then having an alien ship that measures 3,000 miles across sneak past all Earth’s defences, and then creating a totally unnecessary back story for the aliens involving a different alien/robot/spaceship.  Well, totally unnecessary except that it conveniently sets up a sequel!  Do me a favour and stay off Kickstarter if you think a third Independence Day sounds like a good idea.

It’s just a mess.  Like peeing your pants, which two of our heroes admit to doing after one of several mediocre action scenes.  Billy Madison made peeing your pants cool, but Liam Hemsworth and Travis Tope prove here they cannot pull off the same thing.  Not that I could pull it off either but at least I know enough not to try.  Despite what my love of comic book movies may suggest, I’m not six years old.

If you are still on fence about this movie then I’ve failed, and in that case I have to wonder whether you were worth saving anyway.   Independence Day: Resurgence gets a score of 3 soiled undies out of ten.

20 thoughts on “Independence Day: Resurgence

    1. Sean Post author

      Not to mention the 20 years’ worth of anticipation! There should be a drop-dead date on sequels, like if it’s been more than 10 years you have to make it a stand alone film.

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  1. J.

    This looks fantastically awful. Friends of mine saw it in the cinema and said it was a masterpiece. Never to be viewed, they warned. I guess movies like this exist to remind us that the first one wasn’t any good either.

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  2. Christopher

    I had skipped this one because I assumed Judd Hirsch wouldn’t be in it, but a quick check reveals he is. And if it’s now on Netflix, well…I don’t care how bad it is. Maybe I’ll just skip through the action sequences and pretend it’s a lighthearted Jewish comedy.


  3. Wendell

    Too late, I actually paid money to see this in theaters…ugh. The one saving grace is that it is so spectacularly bad, I spent the entire time laughing my ass off…and not at any of the supposed “jokes” they kept slinging at us.

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