Genocidal Organ

In the near future, a devastating terrorist attack in Sarajevo shocks the world. The governments of most industrialized countries use the widespread panic to justify an increase in surveillance of their own citizens. While the developed world is safer than ever before, the third world- without the means to conduct such widespread surveillance- descends into chaos and mass murder.

Captain Clavis Shepherd  is one of the few Americans unfortunate enough to have to navigate this chaos. As a covert intelligence agent, Shepherd conducts bloody and dangerous missions around the world while his superiors monitor his vitals from Washington to make sure he’s not feeling too much compassion. His latest mission is to track down the mysterious John Paul, the architect of so many genocides around the world.

Genocidal Organ is not always easy to follow but will reward those who try to try to keep up. It took me about twenty minutes, given that this is a Japanese film with Japanese animation and Japanese voice actors speaking Japanese, to realize that most of these characters are supposed to be American. It feels weird at first. This must be how Russian people feel watching Eastern Promises. Once you’ve figured out who everyone is though, it’s easy enough to settle in and just enjoy the movie.

Visually, Genocidal Organ is an impressive film. The animators create a believable setting and the shootouts have better choreography than most live-action films do. As I’ve said before, I’m no good at describing animations so here are some stills to give you an idea.

genocidal organ 1

genocidal organ 5

genocidal organ 4

genocidal organ 3

As a story, it’s an engaging spy thriller that tricks you into having fun because it looks so good. At its heart though, Genocidal Organ is hopelessly bleak. It’s a movie that, like John Paul (who is quite fond of monologuing), has a lot to say. While the script probably has a couple of speeches too many, its musings on linguistics, psychology, American foreign policy, and freedom are always interesting and often troubling. Be prepared to sit and think about this one for a few days after you see it.

10 thoughts on “Genocidal Organ

  1. Mr. Bobinsky

    Sounds very interesting. And I have actually seen very little serious, “adult” animations, so it may be a good place to start.

    “This must be how Russian people feel watching Eastern Promises.” – haha well noted, but the worst part that we can’t bear is that Hollywood for some weird reason cannot hire a normal Russian translator. 90% of so-called “Russians” in Hollywood movies speak with an English accent, mistakes, or just say some plain nonsense, and the same goes to all kinds of writings or documents (lik. Even such a basic thing as surnames are often totally unbelievable.

    Remember this movie?

    Even here, Damon’s new name is not transcripted in Russian as one might think, they just wrote some random letter combination.

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    1. Matt Post author

      When I wrote that, I had no idea that someone reading it would be able to relate. I actually didn’t realize that the translations were so bad. I don’t speak a word of Russian but you’d think it would be easy enough for them to find someone who does. Thanks for sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mr. Bobinsky

        Yes, and imagine that they’ve been doing it like that for about…30 years, at least? I remember vaguely just 2-3 movies where everything was correct. 🙂

        Thanks for writing, I think it was interesting for you to see how Americans are portrayed in other societies. And the animation seemsinteresting indeed.


    1. Matt Post author

      I think you’d really like itI think it touches on a lot of your interests. Unfortunately though this one might not be the easiest movie to track down.



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