The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

It’s hard to imagine a movie more out of touch with the greater culture right now. In the era of #neveragain, this movie puts an assault rifle in the hands of a gleeful, stupid 12 year old, and expects it to be funny.

Buck Ferguson (Josh Brolin, 40 lbs heavier, with an inexcusable mustache) is an asshat hunter who makes his living making juvenile hunting videos caught on film by his faithful manservant\camera man, Don (Danny McBride). Now, I don’t care for (white) featured_legacy_whitetail_deer_hunter10hunters any day of the week. Unless you’re preserving a (native) way of life, food can be purchased in a civilized manner at the super market, and anything else is just fulfilling a latent desire for murder. So I already despise Buck and his way of life, but now he’s bring along his son Jaden (Montana Jordan), ostensibly to “reconnect” after divorcing his mother, but actually because he hopes it’ll be ratings gold.

If arming a preteen doesn’t nominate Buck for worst father of the year already, he’s also just checked out and uninterested. His son has plenty of other hobbies, but Buck either ignores them or flat-out forbids them (or tosses them in the river, because he’s an intolerant bastard). The only acceptable form of bonding is hunting, and the only acceptable form of hunting is to stalk a beautiful animal and then watch the life leave its frightened eyes as it bleeds out all over your boots.

I would like to believe this kind of insensitive fatherhood and unfathomable personhood is a dying way of life, but whether or not I’m right, it’s definitely no joke. I’m pretty sure I didn’t crack a smile this whole entire movie because as long as a trigger is twitching near fingers that aren’t even finished growing yet, I could not take my eye off the gun(s). It made me angry. As tens of thousands of kids walked out of class to protest their continued slaughter at the hands of fellow students, armed to the teeth, the world just doesn’t have room for this kind of “entertainment”, or for the kind of people who would be entertained by it. Shame on Netflix for picking this one up.

12 thoughts on “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

  1. Invisibly Me

    Not actually come across this one, but I’m disappointed already that Brolin agreed to it as I quite like him. Great critique of it, think I’ll give this one a miss.. x


  2. J.

    So, wait, there’s no clever commentary in this one? Surely there has to be a message other than “here son, be a man… hunt”? No? Jeez… what were they thinking!?


  3. Katrina Morrison

    Good call Jay
    People who hunt might find some weird humor in it. It didn’t even have a good ending where the son inspires the Dad to change or be a better person?
    I felt this way at the beginning of the third Hangover movie. The joke was decapation of a Giraffe. I didn’t think it was funny and refused to watch the rest of the movie. I know it was an accident; and, it wasn’t real; and yet, I feel it wasn’t real funny either😒


    1. Jay Post author

      Yeah, I hear you on that. Some things just rub you the wrong way, and I think it’s definitely okay to walk away from that. Our time is too precious.

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