Friday Fuckfest: Salma Hayek Edition

It’s Sean’s birthday so he got to pick today. Sean and I don’t normally have the same taste in women, but Salma Hayek is a rare but definitive exception. I mean, she’s Salma-Smokin-Hot-Hayek, she transcends type.

She’s an Oscar-nominated actress, a very successful producer, and a passionate humanitarian, but today we solute her for being an exceptionally beautiful woman.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fuckfest: Salma Hayek Edition

  1. selizabryangmailcom

    I was gonna mention Desperado too. Remember the scene where she’s walking across the street and cars are crashing ’cause the men are oggling her and she just smiles and tosses her hair? Unabashed sexuality! (But so was Banderas in that movie, too, ha ha) 🙂



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