Friday Fuckfest: Keanu Reeves Edition

Keanu Reeves day is officially slated for May 21 2021: the day both Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 will be released. But every day can be Keanu Reeves day, and perhaps every day should. He’s one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors and is almost undoubtedly one of the kindest. He typically shies away from the spotlight, even turning down an enormous paycheque for Speed 2 in favour of touring with his band and doing a small Canadian production of Hamlet, for which his performance was praised.

Dubbed the ‘Internet’s Boyfriend’, and occasionally ‘Sad Keanu,’ the whole world is concerned about his happiness, participating in ‘Cheer-up Keanu Day’ every June 15. Although he’s deeply private, he has publicly admitted to feeling lonely, which, combined with his tragic past (a girlfriend gave birth to their daughter, who was stillborn, and their grief resulted in a breakup, followed by her death in a car accident just months later), makes an irresistible lust bubble. Feast your eyes on:

13 thoughts on “Friday Fuckfest: Keanu Reeves Edition

  1. msjadeli

    “irresistible lust bubble” is a divine description for the hunk of the week. So hard to pick a favorite out of that bunch of photos but I’m going with him in the room with the tan couch. I watched, “Even Cowgirls get the Blues” last week and had forgotten he was in it. The only clip I could find has a Russian dub, but it doesn’t matter to how gorgeous he looks in this bright shining moment:


  2. leendadll

    I lost interest in Keanu around the time he faded from view, after his acting was widely panned. But I’ve been super happy to watch him come back into favor, learn of his charity, and see the sultry MAN side of him. And that version of himself in… oh, whatever that movie from earlier this year was called (no wifi = no goigle)… was hysterical!!

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  4. Karmi

    About 25 years ago I saw him in a movie where he played a young Buddha – rented it from a remote video store near Hog Valley, Florida. Loved that movie. Went back a couple years later and asked for a movie on young Buddha’s life…they rented me “Little Buddha.” That was absolutely *NOT* the movie I had seen – good but not the one I had seen earlier. The movie I had saw Reeves was in the background of this “Little Buddha” movie. Could never find the same movie again; however, read this one day whilst searching for that movie:

    The Buddha flashback scenes of Little Buddha were photographed in 65 mm Todd-AO by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. The rest of the film was filmed in 35 mm anamorphic Technovision.

    That 65 mm film was strictly about a young Buddha…it was great, and I don’t know why it disappeared!?


  5. Robert Kirkendall

    Keanu just got back together with Alex Winter to make another Bill and Ted sequel, which sounds like Sears getting back together with Roebuck. I wonder who’s going to replace George Carlin as Rufus?



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