6 Underground

A billionaire who goes by the name of One (Ryan Reynolds) has assembled a team of ghosts. Six men and women, having faked their deaths and truly gone underground, operate outside of the usual channels to clean up the dirt other people can’t, or won’t.

Two (Melanie Laurent) is a CIA spook; Three (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is the hitman; Four (Ben Hardy) is a skywalker; Five (Adria Arjona) is the doctor; the new recruit, Seven (Corey Hawkins) is a frustrated, sharp-shooting soldier fresh from Afghanistan. Together they have plans to topple a dictator. Ambitious? You betcha. Especially so early in their mission history. After all, they may be officially dead, but they’re as flawed and vulnerable as the living. The bad guys are pretty angry about their lack of hubris.

6 Underground, a new Netflix original, is directed by Michael Bay and it’s got all his hallmarks: American flags, big explosions, scantily clad women. In fact, there’s sex in this movie where no sex belongs. But it’s the car crashes that are truly nutso bananas. This is Michael Bay, unleashed, unmuzzled, unrepentant. The opening car chase alone threatens nuns, babies, AND puppies. Too much, you say? Bah. Just you wait. Now, Michael Bay didn’t write this one but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t occasionally replace dialogue with taglines. The writing is a notch above Bay’s usual tripe, and Ryan Reynolds goes a lot way toward pulling it off. Still, much of the movie is montage, and that’s normally a relief – less cringey lines uttered – though less so when it starts to feel like a wannabe Baby Driver ripoff.

“No man is more important than the mission,” says One, but some of his team disagree. And that’s kind of a big thing to disagree on, real deal breaker type stuff, and the last thing you want during a coup d’état is your little gang splintering. But that’s One’s problem, not yours. If you’re just here to see teeth splatter and brains splatter and people get multiple knife wounds by multiple knives, then this is your jam.

26 thoughts on “6 Underground

      1. papasha408

        I actually sat through that ‘Disney Version,’ of the C.I.A. in action. The amount of ‘Mom, Apple Pie, and Flag Waving had me nodding off several times. I believe a more truthful rendition of the C.I.A. would be to hire serial killers for the protagonists. Maybe a cleaned up Charlie Manson for Jack Ryan who reports into a John Wayne Gacy type as his boss. Just a thought!!!!!


      1. leendadll

        It genuinely is the best worst movie ever made! But ONLY see it with an audience… like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’s the interaction that is good, not the film (said as someone who’s seen RHPS 200+ times).
        I saw The Room when it sold out all 5 theaters of a complex. Thank gawd I chose to sit in Theater 1 cause Tommy was there and did extended Q&A in every theater. I figure #5 must have started almost 2 hrs late.
        Tommy is legit insane.

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  1. J.

    I spotted this while browsing Netflix last night and I thought about adding it to the list. After reading this, I’m definitely adding it to the list. How can I ignore Bay bonkersness on Netflix.


  2. Tom Being Tom

    Kinda like Star Wars, I loved everything about Transformers except the actual movies. Michael Bay played an out-sized role in that. Even with RR in the film, I’m gonna give this a hard pass.

    Which means it might turn out to be one of my wife’s favorites. 😉



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