To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Lara Jean and Peter are officially girlfriend and boyfriend.

You may recall in the first film, Lara Jean’s little sister sent out a bunch of love letters that she’d been writing to her crushes to release some of your tortured young passion. The love letters were personal and confessional and never meant to be read by anyone, but most of all not by the people to whom they were addressed. And yet they were.

Which brought Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) together, superficially at first. They pretended to date because they each had certain needs their high school hearts could justify but you might guess that they eventually found themselves falling in love. Cue the sequel!

Everything is right with the world, except for the fact that Lara Jean can’t quite forget Peter’s ex and jealousy doesn’t exactly become her. But there are worse things to come. One of the other love letter recipients finally resurfaces: John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) and man is he cute. In fact, he and Lara Jean end up volunteering together and circumstances are perfect for dying embers to reignite.

There’s a sweet innocence to these movies that holds some sort of universal appeal – perhaps because we’ve all had a first love and not only can we relate, but it’s sort of fun to revisit. But we also get wrapped up in Lara Jean and Peter’s romance because it’s a lived fairy tale. How does Peter have money to take dates to 5-star restaurants and why does Lara Jean have a series of cocktail dresses? They’re babies. They should be going on awkward group dates to the movies, getting dropped off by whomever’s mom had the biggest mini van, or hanging out in each other’s living rooms with their siblings not only watching but actively trying to humiliate.

Anyway, I’m finding it impossible not to be charmed by this franchise. The leads are exceedingly likable and the whole thing goes down as easily as a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day, so why resist? To All The Boys is one indulgence I’m not going to feel guilty about.



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14 thoughts on “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    1. Orca Flotta

      I am already old and deffo won’t watch that crap. But has nuffink to do with my biblical age; I always and forever ignored flicks like this. Hoomans, hooman teenies, romantic lovestories, implausible setups …uaargs! That’s so tacky and kitschy an unrealistic. I only watch movie with exploding space ships. Here, have a Baby Yoda everybody:


      Liked by 1 person

  1. Often Off Topic

    I only watched the original because of the buzz for it around the blogosphere but ended up falling for its charm completely! I doubt I can convince the husband to watch the sequel with me but I’ll definitely see it over the weekend…probably with my cats…


  2. Orca Flotta

    It wasn’t an embedded image, Leendadll, it was made on the keyboard. Like this cat for example: =^.^=
    I hope at least the cat shows. 😐


  3. Brittani

    I really liked the lead actress but I didn’t care for the movie at all and I feel like one of the only people that it didn’t work for. I want to find something cute too, damn it.



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