Thank You For Your Service

A trio of buddies and U.S. soldiers return home from the war in Iraq. Their group used to be bigger but one guy went home early with a couple of inches missing from his brain, and another didn’t return at all. His wife (Amy Schumer) accosts Adam (Miles Teller) as soon as his feet hit the tarmac, begging to know how her husband died. Adam’s wife Saskia is upset that his welcome home is ruined, but she doesn’t know yet that nothing about his return home will go as she planned.

Adam, Tausolo (Beulah Koale), and Billy (Joe Cole) are all having trouble adjusting. Haunted by the things they’ve seen and the things they did to survive, they are shamed for seeking help from the army and their brave persistence only means their names are on a 6-9 month waiting list. Twenty two veterans a day are killing themselves and Billy is soon one of them. His mother knew he needed help beyond what the army was providing and had arranged a treatment facility out of pocket. Since he’s no longer around to take it, there’s one spot open, and two remaining friends. In a game of “who needs it the most” there truly is no winner.

Adam and Tausolo are both putting their families at risk reliving the war in real time; their dead comrades not just visiting their dreams but their waking life as well. This is hallmark PTSD but veteran’s affairs are backlogged and useless. Of course there is no cure. The only way forward is to talk through all of the things they’d rather forget, and learn to manage the pain. Even people with ‘Support our troops’ magnets on their cars forget them as soon as they return to American soul, but in truth that’s when their own personal war begins.

Based on Adam Schumann’s memoirs, Thank You For Your Service is an incomplete picture since thankfully Schumann was still alive to tell it. But it paints a very sobering portrait of a complete lack of support for warriors turned civilians. The film retreads some familiar ground and if anything, director Jason Hall deprives the movie of some well-deserved righteous anger.

5 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Service

  1. tubularsock

    Tubularsock would suggest that we stop referring to these KIDS we send off to war to murder and destroy others as “warriors”.


    They are propagandized cannon fodder that are used to enhance “American Interests” and attempt to control the world.

    It would be one thing if they were necessary to “protect” us. THEY ARE NOT!

    They are sent to take control of natural resources that belong to others and capture and control those resources for OUR CORPORATE benefit!

    In essence they are MURDERERS OF THE STATE!

    A WARRIOR is someone who is noble not someone who is a brainwashed dumb shit!

    And this is so clear when you see the end results when they return ……..

    Both the government and the people turn their back on them …….. What a waste of human life that is destroyed for greed.

    Support Veterans For Peace. THEY finally figured it out!

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  2. selizabryangmailcom

    I imagine she just used the word warrior symbolically. Like a fighter. They are fighters, after all. They’re (mostly) forced to do it or have little choice. I’m sure the majority would support Veterans for Peace if given the chance.



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