Toy Story Turns 25 (but the gift is for you!)

Not only will you find several dogs (and one human) dressed as Toy Story characters for Halloween (happy Halloween by the way), we’re celebrating Toy Story’s 25th anniversary with a giveaway – and we hope you’ll enter.

While you’re on Youtube, why not hit the Thumps Up and Subscribe? It’s free to you and a boon to us! xo

6 thoughts on “Toy Story Turns 25 (but the gift is for you!)

  1. Invisibly Me

    Nawww he’s way too cute! Little Buzz looked sweet in his costume too. So sorry you both have to miss your Disney trip for this Halloween. Did you get any/many kids call around treats? Hope no kids got a black eye from candy packets shooting out of canons and sling shots.

    Really interesting note on Andy. I had no idea about the naming or how that Andy taught so many that then made this whole movie possible. What a lovely tribute. It’s so awesome learning these sorts of insights from the nuggets that Disney always weave into their stuff.

    I’m such a shit. I’ve still not seen Toy Story 4. I was so excited about watching it and on the day I was going to I was in hospital again. I didn’t want to watch it after because I was grumpy and sulking. The same thing has happened with a few Marvel films too. My to-watch list is huge.

    I think my Toy Story favourite would have to be the original. There’s just something particularly charming about it, so many scenes I remember so well and it was incredibly novel at the time it came out that it really paved the way some of the animated films that followed. xx


    1. Jay Post author

      Yes it really did, it changed the landscape completely.
      I appreciate now how many traditional artists must have been terrified by this change.



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