Christmas Under Wraps

Lauren (Candace Cameron Bure) has worked very hard her whole life to be able to walk in her father’s footsteps, following him in a surgical fellowship that she ends up very narrowly losing – and of course it was the only one to which she’d applied. Not keen to delay her career by 6 months, and determined to show her mother she’s capable of living outside of her meticulously planned box, she accepts the only fellowship still vacant at such a late date. It’s at a hospital in a small town in Alaska.

As it turns out, she won’t merely be a doctor serving the town’s hospital, she’ll be the sole doctor in the entire town. Her office hours are overrun with people who’ve been saving up their ailments in the absence of a doctor. Good thing the hunky town handyman Andy (David O’Donnell) is so helpful. He’s really showing her the ropes!

Two things, though: 1. although Lauren seems to be settling in quite well as the town’s busy and beloved only doctor, her father keeps pursuing the fellowship back home, so she’s always got at least one foot out the door, and 2. this small Alaskan town seems to be hiding some significant secrets. Will Lauren hang around long enough to find out what it is? Can her new relationship with handy Andy survive if she goes back home? Does doctoring even count if it’s not the kind of doctoring her dad did? Is the only kind of scarf that counts the kind that’s made of wool? These burning questions answered and more when you tune in to the Hallmark channel for Christmas Under Wraps.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Under Wraps

  1. Liz A.

    This movie made me crazy. She’s in Alaska. Near to the winter solstice. And, there’s quite a lot of daylight. Now, you live in a more northern longitude than me, so correct me if I’m wrong. But I was under the impression that times like 7AM and 6PM would be dark. Yet, she goes to work in daylight and leaves after presumably a long day in daylight. At dinnertime. It just. . . It bothered me.


  2. Natieli

    Simplesmente sensacional, filme de mais, Me apaixonei vendo esse filme faz seis anos que está rodando e assisti em 2021 .Acho que estava esperando por mim maravilhoso, Como queria que esses ator visse este comentário.❤️


  3. vegtoz

    During the movie she checks a patient or two in for overnight observation. Who is observing them? She is the only doctor in town. This drives me crazy but I like this movie.



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