A Midnight Kiss

Mia (Adelaide Kane) and her brother both work with their parents at the family business, a party planning company that’s just putting their last Christmas party of the season to bed. Whew! Mom and dad have actually worked their last party ever – they’re retiring, leaving the company to the kids, and off to Palm Springs to enjoy Christmas off their feet. Mia and brother Jake should also be enjoying some well-deserved time off, but a very big client, tech entrepreneur Kate (Pauline Egan), has had a new year’s eve party catastrophe and needs their help rather desperately, despite the late hour of her request.

The company is in no position to refuse such a big client, so Mia is going to work double time, no triple time, to make it happen, especially after a broken leg puts her stupid brother out of commission. Luckily his college buddy, jet-setting documentarian David (Carlos PenaVega) is visiting for Christmas, and they rather ruthlessly put him to work. He’s supposed to be just a warm body for getting the manual labour done but to Mia’s surprise (and annoyance), he starts interjecting with his own bright ideas. Mia’s not sure how she’ll survive this intensive week of party planning with a guy who’s quickly getting on her last nerve, but it’s not like she has a choice.

In fact, if you’ve ever seen a Hallmark movie before, you know that Mia and David’s real job is to fall in love, and the party planning is just an excuse to throw them into the same room together a whole bunch to facilitate the process. How long will Mia’s brother milk the broken leg? Will David stick around long enough to actually help, or will he be off to China, leaving his new love in the lurch? What was the gold paint for? Who will secure the fireworks permits? How many staff members can attend a party they’re supposed to be working and kiss at midnight without sacrificing professionalism? Hint: far fewer than actually do, but I guess you’ll have to head on over to Hallmark to figure out the exact number for yourself.

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